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Title I funds can be used to help students learn to read and read to learn with myON.  Here's how. 

The myON team provides a series of fun, themed campaigns to encourage students to keep reading year-round.
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Some people in the world eat only veggies. Read and learn about this healthy choice during Vegetarian Month.

1st grade loves the Disney package we bought on MyON!

Today is Sloth Day - created to honor this slow-moving, tree-dwelling, unique mammal.

Did you know... on myON learners have unlimited access to a virtual bookshelf of just-right books, available wherever and whenever!

K: We found apple facts on MyOn. The librarian made a list of books. We added facts to our chart.

Join our upcoming on Oct 25th! All about "Empowering Readers with Tech Tools"! RSVP here---> http://ow.ly/64vo30fOhvo 

we are happy to support our partners to , and help ALL our kids

Who doesn’t love fall? Head out into the crisp air and enjoy this 3rd season of the year!

Cross-country Collaboration Through Virtual Book Clubs

An interview with librarians Laura Healy and Isabel (Izzy) Turner

Laura Healy and Izzy Turner met six years ago at the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) conference. Total strangers, they came from two different parts of the...

Simply the Best!

Edtech Digest | October 10, 2017

IN CLOSE WITH | Yvonne R. Zamora

The principal of Mims Elementary in Mission, TX, Yvonne Zamora shares her thoughts on building a society within her school and why she wishes social media had never...

Today we observe
iPod Day

Crank it up and listen to some Jay Z! In 2001 the first iPod was introduced and the world has never been the same.