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Experience Personalized Reading with myON

myON gives students a personalized literacy experience that instills a love of reading -- and we have video to prove it!

Introducing myON News

Learn about how myON has expanded its digital text offerings to include five daily news articles, delivered every weekday year 'round. Written just for K-8 students, in both English and Spanish, and available at three Lexile levels, myON News pairs articles with titles from the digital book library, giving students the opportunity to further explore topics of interest from their account dashboards.   

All About myON!

Get a great introduction to myON from student and educator perspectives in this overview video. See how myON works both in and out of school time to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning.  

Promoting After School Learning through 21st Century Grants

To develop and improve their literacy skills, learners need time to practice reading with books that are at their level, meet their interests and are available anytime they want or need to read. Often, this additional practice time occurs outside of the school day ­­­— before or after school, over the weekends and during school breaks, including summer.​

Lighting a Fire for Literacy in Cherry Creek

Find out how the teachers and administrators of Cherry Creek School District are utilizing myON to light a fire for literacy in their students! 

Personalized Literacy for all in Manor ISD

The myON Magic- Take a look at the partnership between myON and Manor ISD, located in Texas, and discover what personalized literacy is doing for their students.

myON- a literacy game changer

Students, teachers, librarians, media specialists, literacy coaches, building and district administrators, and community partners across the nation share their perspectives about how myON has been a game-changer when it comes to helping kids learn to read and love to read!  And, they've got the data to prove it! 

Community Wide Literacy Initiative-Mission CISD

Learn about Dr. Lopez's bold vision to eradicate illiteracy in the Mission CISD attendance zone and give every child in his three city area an opportunity to read and succeed.  The entire community is behind it and through this collective impact approach, they intend to celebrate the top literacy scores in the state of Texas and in the Nation.

D49 Students Reaching their Peak and Beyond

We are excited to be partners with D49 in Colorado! myON has helped facilitate a love of reading in this district.

Connecting Students, Books and Curriculum Through Digital Approach to Literacy Pays Dividends

One critical component of the St. Vrain Valley School District vision is for every student to read at or above grade level by third grade. myON is an excellent tool to advance this goal. By increasing instructional time and involving and engaging parents actively, our students are demonstrating excellent results.

Helping Students Develop Their Own Literacy in Austin ISD

myON has partnered with Austin ISD to provide unlimited access for ALL students to more than 5,800 engaging digital books! Students of AISD can read books of their interest and at their reading level at home, library, on the road or anywhere they can access the internet – computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Personalizing Literacy for Idaho Middle School Students ​

myON generates individualized, interest-based recommendations within all learners’ target Lexile® ranges to engage them with just-right texts.​ This is how we personalize literacy for all students! 

Reinventing Personalized Literacy for Rural, Urban & Suburban students all within Maury County Public Schools


Maury County Public Schools are leading the way in Tennessee with a vision that all students will be College & Career Ready by the time they graduate. Implementing myON has created a personalized approach to literacy which has created a huge momentum shift for students, teachers and families! While currently moving to a  project-based learning approach, teachers are excited to have their classroom libraries abundant with options to help increase student engagement and achievement! In addition, the real-time data allows for a complete differentiation model for learning and students are more excited than ever to read!

Collective Impact - The Power of Partnership

For the past four years the Read on myON initiative have been collaborating with partners across the country to build a community of readers and learners. Phenomenal results have been realized by students throughout the Hillsborough County and Tampa Bay areas and the kids are genuinely excited about reading more so than ever before.

Measure Reading with Reading

While traditional methods of measuring reading rely on quizzes and end-of-year results, new technologies like those that underpin myON enables seamless measurement to monitor student engagement and reading growth as they occur, all year long! Learn more from Todd Brekhus, President of myON, as he discusses how the personalized literacy platform seamlessly measures reading with reading, not just quiz scores!

Student-Centered Learning Environment Propels Reading in St. Clair

Providing 24/7 access to content has propelled engagement and excitement in St. Clair, MO! Students, faculty and administrators are excited to be reading with myON and the measurable impact it is having in their district.  Faculty members who previously struggled to provide content at each student's individual reading level are using myON for individual and group instruction. The district's commitment to technology has made it possible for students and families to connect with myON at school, in the community and at home.

Creating Digital Literacy for All Students in Des Plaines D62

Building digital literacy skills while personalizing education for all students is a major focus at Des Plaines D62 in Illinois.  Educators are creatively implementing myON across the curriculum, fostering student engagement and achievement. 

Game Changing Personalized Literacy in Bensenville School District

Bensenville School District in Illinois is providing their students, families and faculty access to myON and it is proving to be a game changer when it comes to reading!

Students are reengaging in literacy because of the personalization - they choose what they want to read and what they are interested in. They are excited about reading and as a result are taking responsibility for their reading growth through their personal dashboards! Teachers are now able to leverage myON and technology to reengage all students in reading regardless of their levels in order to model proper fluency, build close reading skills and leverage reading and writing projects within the myON environment. Administrators are amazed by the progress of their students, who are excited to read and learn with myON!

myON Professional Development is Catalyst for Literacy Success

With the assistance of myON Services and Professional Development, school districts are showing huge gains in student engagement in reading and learning. Customized to each school, the Services team is focused on delivering workshops that meet and support specific implementation goals and engage students, families and communities in reading.

Literacy for All Students at NSSEO

Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO) in Illinois strives to provide opportunities for students with special needs to be contributing members of society. Literacy is a core component and giving students access to digital books to engage them in reading is a key strategy. With myON all students and families have access to thousands of digital books with reading supports to help them interact with reading and learning in a fun and exciting way!

Transitioning to the Digital Classroom in Lake Zurich

Creating a digital classroom is essential to engage students in learning. With myON, teachers and faculty in Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 in Illinois are leveraging technology to create a digital environment that engages students and families collaboratively to build life long readers and learners.

myON Works in Polk County GA Schools

Polk School District's technology-infused literacy program relies on a system-wide implementation of myON to help students achieve grade-level reading, a key step to reaching their goal of a 100% high school graduate rate. Listen in as students and educators join Superintendent William "Al" Hunter to talk about how myON Works for them. 

Reading for the Future with myON

Houston Independent School District highlights how they are using myON across all early childhood centers, elementary campuses, and preK through grade 8 centers and directly aligning with Literacy by 3.

Principal Perspective

Principals are more than leaders of their building they are instrumental in setting an inspirational tone for learning for their staff and teams while creating an environment for students and families to be inspired to learn. Nowhere is that more apparent than South Berwyn, Illinois. The impact that Jeremy Majeski and his team have had on students is immeasurable. By creating a culture for reading—digitally—students are motivated to read and inspired to learn. Let us introduce you to Jeremy Majeski, Principal at Komensky Elementary School and Director of Literacy for Berwyn South School District 100.


Kids Love myON!

Ever wonder what kids think of myON? Well you are in luck!  A group of students from around the country share why they like myON and how it is impacting their learning and their lives!

Lakeville Public Schools - Future Ready Learners!

Lakeville Public Schools are FUTURE READY! Learn how educators are impacting every student by personalizing their learning & the results are amazing! 

Defying the Odds in Brevard County

Despite the odds, Principal Michael Miller has done an amazing job in one of the top ten Title I schools in Florida by creating a collaborative learning environment with his teachers and students to promote reading.  Media Specialist Beth Wareham's goal is to create a lifelong love of reading and she is winning in Saturn Elementary School! "If you can teach a child to read, everything else falls into place." 

LEAP Innovations & Spencer Technology Academy

LEAP Innovations & Spencer Technology Academy gain ground with digital reading. Just listen to what the students in one classroom have to say about their experiences with myON! 

OCPS - Heart of Florida United Way myON Project

With the assistance of the United Way-Heart of Florida, Orange County Public Schools provides students with myON. Join Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Supterintendent, as she shares the incredible vision for literacy and reconfirms to the community that the number one priority is always going to be reading.

Stop the Summer Slide

Summer Reading Summit in Hillsborough County

Keep students engaged in the learning process and stop the summer slide!

Read on myON - The Hillsborough County Community of Readers Project

Collaboration is the key to bringing leaders from the Hillsborough County Public Schools, United Way-SunCoast, Children's Board of Hillsborough County, Head Start, Tampa Bay Housing Authority, and others, together to increase literacy throughout the entire community. The Read on myON project clearly put the interests and future of the kids at the forefront by giving each child unlimited access to over 4,000 enhanced digital books through myON reader!

Temple Heights Elementary School

Getting kids to love to read is not a problem in Temple Elementary School in Vista, California. The school's vision  is to bring all students into the 21st century and giving them skills for the future by providing reading resources online. Kids are choosing from over 4,000 enhanced digital books matched to their reading level and their interests and are accessing these books on computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and more. By leveraging real-time data, teachers have been amazed at the correlation between the time spent reading and Lexile growth.

Reading is the Gateway to Everything

If you can teach a child to read everything else will fall into place. The gift of literacy continues through the use of myON in schools across the country. With over 21 million books read in just the 2014-2015 school year, students, educators and communities are collaborating to provide a fundamental shift in giving students access to books and encouraging the love of reading. Educators and community members love myON because they see the future of their students changing! Listen first-hand why students love myON!