Current Reading Campaigns

With myON, students can read in and out of school time, over weekends, holidays and school breaks. Independent, self-directed reading is supported right along with reading of texts assigned by teachers.

The myON team provides a series of fun, themed campaigns to encourage students to keep reading year-round -- and help the adults in their families and communities support them -- particularly during those important out-of-school hours.

Turnkey campaign toolkits are available at no cost to schools, districts and communities that are implementing myON.

Take a moment to review sample materials and information about our current reading campaigns. Customers will find editable campaign toolkits in the Educator Resources portal (login required).

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School Year

School Year 2017-18 Reading Campaign

Join myON for the Adventure of a Lifetime … Literacy!  This year’s reading campaign will bring your students on many different adventures around the globe.  There’s a hat for every adventure and we want to see which ones they will be wearing!!  In our reading campaign adventure guide, you will find educator resources, family resources and fun materials for your students. So jump in with myON and see 'Where the Adventure Begins!'

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Where the Adventure Begins